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Windows are the essence of every home. Not only do windows allow the sun to beam into a home, but they also ensure that the elements never enter the home. While new windows are able to do this adequately, older windows start to deteriorate and will slowly allow the outside air to enter the home. This is where over 30 percent of a home’s energy bill will accumulate. ReBuild Inc. is an industry leader in window installation and replacement. With years of experience, every home is able to have the best windows installed for a fraction of the cost.


Before windows are installed, measurements will be made to ensure that the correct size window is available. If a replacement is needed, a professional will inspect the current window to ensure that it needs to be replaced. This not only helps the homeowner save money, but it is a part of our prideful service. Oftentimes, a window will simply need to be resealed and charging a customer for anything more would not be acceptable.

Depending on the amount of windows that need to be installed, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a day. This will be calculated within the estimate given so that no surprises arise with the final bill. During this time, if a replacement is needed, the old window will be removed and the area will be prepped to allow for the new window to be installed. After the installation process is complete, our team will ensure that any materials related to the job have been cleaned up with the utmost care.

Replacement Window Benefits

The only barrier between the outside of a home and the inside are windows. When windows are replaced with newer, energy efficient models, homeowners will:
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Keep their home’s temperature at a more comfortable level
  • Increase the value of their home
  • Increase the security of their home
  • Styles
The style of windows has changed drastically throughout the years. With immense attention to energy efficiency, single, double and triple pane windows along with glazed windows have made their way into the market. However, this has not led to a lack of innovation when it comes to style and detail. In fact, our window style gallery below has a plethora of different windows that will fit perfectly in any home.

ReBuild Inc. is able to meet the requirements of any project whether it be a new home construction or a window replacement. Customer satisfaction and the highest quality windows is what we pride ourselves with providing.

Begin your planning and window selection right here. Our Windows Gallery shows the standard replacement windows that serve almost all of your normal types of window. These are followed by specialty windows of different architectural styles to meet your special needs.

Two and Three-Pane Sliders provide easy horizontal sash movement and offer practical window styles where operational access may be difficult, such as above kitchen sinks.





Full Round


From octagons and trapezoids to full circles, half rounds, eyebrows and more ­ we will build custom windows to fit your needs and specifications. This helps personalize your home and increases its value.

Because we have in-house production, we ensure superior quality control. Because we control delivery from our site to yours, you can expect your shipment sooner - not later.

  • Many sizes are available, with full range of glass options. Factory mulling is available

Patio Door

Garden Window

Our sliding doors provides maintenance-free solid vinyl construction.

  1. All-welded frame and panel pre-assembled for easy installation.
  2. Reversible design allows the moving panel to be located on left or right side.
  3. Integrated nailing fin (may be ordered without nailing fin for replacement application).
  4. Sliding panel and meeting rail reinforced with roll formed steel ensure rigidity and strength.
  5. Aluminum track for moving panel.
  6. Interlocking panel virtually eliminates air infiltration.
  7. Insulated Intercept® sealant system with tempered glass.
  8. White enamel exterior handle oak interior handle.

  1. Reversible sliding panel offers you flexibility. They open either left or right. Both panels come reinforced with roll formed steel for added strength and durability.
  2. The door frame and panels are fully welded, fully assembled.
  3. Insulated Intercept® glass system resists condensation, boosts efficiency. Intercept's® patented "warm-edge" technology raises indoor glass temperatures by average 4-5 degrees F.
  4. Interlocking panels virtually eliminate air infiltration.
  5. Removable prepunched nailing fin makes installation simple.
  6. Factory-installed screen needs only minor adjustments for a perfect fit on site.
  7. Deluxe brass-finished hardware with key lock adds beauty and security.

  1. Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength, boost thermal performance.
  2. Constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement.
  3. Heavy-duty, spring-loaded night latches provide carefree ventilation.
  4. Interlocking sashes keep out drafts.
  5. Dual-fin weather-stripping further reduces air infiltration.
  6. Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air.
  7. Aluminum-reinforced, multi-cavity construction provides additional thermal performance and structural integrity.
  8. Positive-action deluxe cam lock enhances safety.
  9. Intercept system cuts energy costs. U-channel spacer with "warm edge" keeps heat and cold from traveling through panes.
  10. Half-screen comes standard.
  11. Integrated, slim line lift rail allows you to easily operate sash.
  12. Sloped sill reduces air filtration . . . allows for easy water runoff.

  1. Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength and boost thermal performance.
  2. Constant force coil balance permits easy sash movement.
  3. Heavy-duty, spring-loaded night latches provide carefree ventilation.
  4. Rounded sashes create additional beauty for the interior of your home.
  5. Dual-fin weather-stripping further reduces air filtration.
  6. 7/8" insulated glass from PPG provides optimum thermal performance in any climate.
  7. Integrated, slim-line lift rail allows you to easily operate sashes.
  8. Beveled mainframe offers a true brick mold appearance, which adds class and style.
  9. Positive-action deluxe cam lock with security button enhances safety.
  10. Interlocking sashes keep out drafts.
  11. Aluminum-reinforced, multi-cavity construction provides additional thermal performance and structural integrity.
  12. Full screen comes standard.
  13. Patented Intercept® system cuts energy costs. U-channel spacer with "warm edge" keeps heat and cold from traveling through panes.
  14. Sloped sill reduces air infiltration . . . allows for easy water runoff.
  15. Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air.

  • Full Screen Standard
  • Transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 25-Year Glass Breakage Warranty Standard
  • Optional Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty
  • Optional Double Strength Glass
  • Optional Interior Wood Finish
  • Optional Brass Extras
  • Optional Decorative Glass
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Choose from four beveled glass styles. We offer polished groove grid in a variety of patterns.

    The "Star-Bevel" pattern of leaded glass comes with brass cams for a truly gorgeous window.

    Oak Interior Wood Finish:

    Any room's interior is given a beautiful, rich appearance with either light or dark shades of oak. Combine with matching grids, and these windows present a true wood window appearance, yet still provide all the advantages you demand in all-welded vinyl construction.

    Brass Extras:

    Some windows may be ordered with optional brass locks and grid. This accenting feature is available with white, almond, and both shades of oak interior wood finish windows.

    Want a smooth, clean look for your contemporary home? Or a sleek, trim look for a cottage or bungalow? With our vinyl casement windows your choices are endless—everything from single-vent windows to 5-lite combinations of fixed and operating units. And best of all, these casement windows are at home anywhere, from a formal Georgian home to a rustic cabin.

    Casement and fixed combinations

    • Superb design and engineering help prevent air and water infiltration
    • Fusion-welded frame and sash ensure weather-tight performance
    • Full-perimeter double weather-stripping adds extra tightness
    • Narrow profile permits expanded viewing area
    • Concealed hinges and hardware let you open window 90 degrees, for better ventilation and easier cleaning
    • Beveled sash adds a handsome brick-mold appearance
    • Full screens come standard; mount on interior, remove for easy cleaning
    • Tandem locks come standard on all casements over 34" in height
    • Wood jamb extension options available for new construction applications

    Casement Portfolio

    When choosing new windows for your home, you’ll be faced with a wide variety of options.

    Price, personal aesthetics, the surrounding architecture, and the weather conditions in your geographic area are all factors to consider when buying new windows for your home. However, picture windows are often an attractive choice for many types of homes.

    A picture window is a large fixed window that is either without glazing bars or features glazed bars only near the edge of the window.

    A picture window gets its name because it is designed to provide a clear view of your surroundings, acting as a picture frame for the scenery outside.

    The perfect choice for specialized applications.

    • Fine-tuned, proven design ensures weather-tight performance.
    • Fusion-welded frame and sash further reduce air and water infiltration.
    • Attractive beveled sash adds style.
    • Full-perimeter double weather-stripping surrounds 3/4" insulated glass—to provide maximum energy efficiency.
    • Interior-mounted full screen and double locks come standard.
    • Wood jamb extension options available for new construction applications.

    Single- and Double-hung windows have been around since colonial times. They can make a fashion statement for your home and provide highly utilitarian features.

    Double-hung windows with golden oak grain interior. Single-hung window topped by a half-round window with a sunburst grid. Twin single-hung window with colonial grids.


    30-degree bay with fixed picture window in center with double-hung flankers — all with colonial grids.

    3-Lite Bay

    All-fixed Lite Bay configuration with leaded glass units flanking a picture window with Double Prairie beveled glass.

    3-Lite Bay

    Natural Light Oak wood finish on a picture window and flanking double hung windows with matching 1" contoured grid.

    3-Lite Bay

    Dark Hillside Oak wood finish and flanking double hung windows with brass grid.


    10-degree casement bow window. Casement bow with a combination of operable and fixed windows.

    4-Lite Bow

    Casements flanking picture windows with Florentine beveled glass.

    3-Lite Bow

    Almond, oriel style double hung flankers with single prairie, 1" contoured grid.