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ReBuild Inc. is the answer for your remodeling or home renovation project.

Our "Design/Build" concept is a complete, managed approach to home remodeling and room additions where the architectural designer, ReBuild Inc. and the home owner collaborate to ensure the remodeling project is completed exactly as expected, on time and within budget.

Make a single phone call to ReBuild Inc. and your personal project team will begin our consultation process and the "Design/Build process will begin. We will handle your entire construction project!

From initial conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility studies and working drawings to the actual construction and final walk-through, ReBuild Inc. will complete each step.

Kitchen Remodeling

ReBuild Inc. experts will remodel your kitchen, design your kitchen, or expand your kitchen to create the kitchen of your dreams!

We can also create kitchen bump outs to expand your new custom designed kitchen, or redesign and enlarge your existing kitchen to achieve the look of spacious new homes.

Basement Converisons and Remodeling

Looking for great basement renovation ideas?

Look no further than your own creativity, imagination, and lifestyle. Having a basement in your home is a huge benefit that allows you flexibility and choice in deciding how to finish the space.

Design variations are limitless. Your ReBuild Inc. advisor will assist you with ideas that will fit your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you are remodeling your existing bathroom, creating a new master bathroom or adding an additional custom bathroom to your home, ReBuild Inc. will build your dream bathroom from the beginning design phase all the way through the construction phase of your bathroom remodel.

We can also add a new master bathroom suite to your home or remodel or expand your existing bathroom suite.


Full remodel or addition not in your budget? Try a renovation!

What's the difference? Renovations are small improvements to the appearence of an existing room.

Adding tile, removing small walls, adding shelves and other small improvements to an existing space.