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Our Process

Our proven process has worked for years, and here are a few reasons why “Our Process Makes It Perfect”. When we start your remodeling project, all the decisions are made upfront – so there are no surprises after the work has begun.

We will fully commit to your budget range, which means no surprise costs later. We will assign a lead carpenter to your project. You will have an on-site project manager and an in-office production manager to ensure clear communication and efficient execution.

Our work is accomplished using our own employees and our own equipment – ensuring quality control, continual supervision and tidiness.

ReBuild Inc. has a network of licensed professional contractors utilized when project complexity requires.

Additional Services

1Many of our clients find their home don’t function well for them, whether it’s a closed off kitchen, an out dated bathroom or a small master suite. Remodeling is the time to make your home look and feel great.

Many people can create beautiful designs, but we can make your home attractive and functional. We understand that every family functions differently and so we do not come to the table with a cookie cutter design that’s one size fits all. We want to design a layout for your space that makes sense in your daily life, and not anyone else. So when you hear form versus function, we say why not have both?

Home Maintenance

1Our Home Maintenance department includes small projects that don't require months of architectural planning or building permits.

Services include: handyman services, gutter guard installation and many other services.

Handyman Services

1No job is too big or too small. Call us for any project in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, laundry room.

We can also help with any outdoor projects.

Here is a list of just some of the things our Handymen can do : Replacement of sinks, vanities, toilets, etc., installation or replacement of ceramic and vinyl tile, replacement of doors, storm doors, windows and shutters, and much more.